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SEEAM – Advanced Training GIS / NDM – UTVSI AM Hub, Belgrade, Serbia

SEEAM – Advanced Training GIS / NDM – UTVSI AM Hub, Belgrade, Serbia

Working teams from 20 utility companies from Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia met in Belgrade for the second advanced training within the project “„Asset Management – Advisory Services for Water Utilities in South-Eastern Europe”. Most of the companies have data on infrastructural assets on paper or not at all. By using Asset Management methodology they are offered a new approach for organization of their work.

– We are glad that finally we will be able to modernize our operation and that we will make a big thing about our company, and not only for us currently working here, but also for the new colleagues that will come in future, since this is something that should be done continuously, because it is the ideal way for all data to be integrated and in one place – stated Zlatana Filipovic, PUC Svilajnac, Serbia.

– This is a unique opportunity to exchange experience with other colleagues and see where we are actually, and in time, we see that previously we lacked a system, said Sasha Pavlovic, technical selector for design and development, PUC “Arangelovac”.

The software is polyfunctional, which means that not only it processes technical data, but also generates a complete financial analysis, with projected opportunities for future investments.

– The first and the greatest benefit for our company will be reduction of water losses. The second beneficial work is not to bring the system into collapse, i.e. to timely intervene where necessary and thirdly, to ask for any financial assistance, first we need to show what we have and what is the worth of what we have – stated Blagoj Minovski, Head of department for management of data bases, PUC, Probishtip, Macedonia

– This project will provide for a better quality and timely adoption of decisions, how to behave in future in context of investments – stated Marko Paunovic, Manager, PUC Zaechar, Serbia. The trainings are comprised of theoretical teaching programs, field work with the teams and interactive communication for solving concrete technical issues they face.

– Asset Management Center within the Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering offers continuous support to water supply companies, which does not end only with training for working with the software. On contrary, our experts are available 24 hours – stated Maya Medenica, Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering – Belgrade

– If we encounter a problem, we can freely address them and have their complete support, said Sofija Poguberovic, Head of water quality control, PUC, Indzija, Serbia

The participants of the first training received certificates.

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