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Hydro - comp headquarters location

Stand alone solutions are aimed towards specific customer needs. The relevant EDAMS modules are supplied and implemented in some cases with the basic Asset Management system required as an asset register. The implementation is simple and fast and provides immediate relief to the Municipal problems it addresses. A small description of each solution follows below

Increase your revenues by identifying Billing problems and metering losses

EDAMS network asset management

Commercial Data Analysis

Converts and evaluates Billing data, supports field validation exercises leading to increased revenues and improved customer service and satisfaction levels.

Meter Problems Lists

Produces lists of connections without meter readings, with problematic meter readings, Broken/ stuck meters, slow meters, old meters, consumers with high demand – wrong consumer type; Lists items are ranked in terms of importance

Billing Database discrepancies

Converts your billing data into a properly structured billing database identifying inherent problems within the billing database, such as:

  • missing or inconsistent links between the data elements
  • Important Missing Attribute Data

Demand / Loss Calculation

Calculates demand per known connection in terms of metered demand and metering inaccuracies. Quantifies total demand, metered demand and apparent losses for each connection, each consumer category, each township and the total supply area

EDAMS Call Centre

Improve Customer service and Maintenance productivity

EDAMS Call Center flow chart

Integrates Call centre with Work management

Deals with customer complaints and emergencies– mainly Network related complaints. Integrates seamlessly call centre functionality to work order management, scheduling and dispatch functionality and real-time monitoring.

User friendly

The system is user friendly basically using one screen to carry out all required operations.

Main features

  • Customer may get feedback via email
  • Diversion to the relevant department is done automatically by allocating problem type to departments.
  • Personal assignment to selected employees
  • Manpower and resources to be used can be scheduled
  • Diversion of the problem can be done from one department to the other.
  • If Customer is not happy the problem can be re-opened or a new one opened and linked to the first.

Improve water quality and service delivery - Comply with legislation

water quality monitoring -stand alone solution chart

Quality Monitoring

Used to monitor water/ effluent quality by the Municipality. Includes the systematic collection of physical, chemical and biological information, and the analysis, interpretation and reporting of those measurements, according to a pre-planned design and structure

Numerical & Graphical reporting

Reports to local legislation and accreditation. Embedded GIS functionality and produce user-defined management reports

Main Components

  • Information requirements and objectives.
  • Sampling programs including type, scale and measurement parameters.
  • Sampling methodology.
  • Laboratory and field analysis.
  • Quality assurance and quality control procedures
  • Statistical analysis and interpretation of the data
  • Reporting and dissemination of information to various stakeholders

EDAMS Financial Asset Valuation

Rehabilitation Planning (backlog) & Financial Reporting

EDAMS network asset management

Lifecycle Asset Management

Uses statistically determined Operational Condition/Deterioration curves to simulate the deterioration of the infrastructure components. As these assets are used and as they age, their condition declines and eventually leads to investment for rehabilitation and replacement. The module provides a detailed valuation capability, incorporate condition assessment and rating tools, combined with deterioration curves to predict current asset values and future asset conditions.

EDAMS Asset Management register

Uses the EDAMS Asset Management Geographical Asset Register to keep information relating to all the Municipal assets for analysis purposes. Embedded GIS functionality and produce user-defined management reports

Main Features

  • Multiple Valuation Methods (Historical Cost methods , Current Cost depreciation, Replacement Cost, Market purchase/procurement price)
  • Configuration per Asset type (Inflation rates history, Comprehensive library costs, Default Useful Lives, Flexible import of library costs)
  • Condition Assessments & Refurbishments (Deterioration Curves , Condition Rating & Monitoring, history, Decision Matrices, Rehabilitation & Renewal planning
  • Management of Asset Cost Information (Original Costing information, Assets Hierarchy Chain Costing, Sensitivity Analysis, Live link to Financial Department and Maintenance data)
  • Financial Reporting per local legal requirements both in numerical and graphical form; user definable.
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