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Cyprus (Head Office)
249 Strovolos Avenue
Strovolos 2049, Nicosia, Cyprus
P.O .Box 27832, Engomi 2433, Cyprus

South Africa
Hydro-Comp Enterprises (SA)(Pty)Ltd
Bentley Office Park
Unit 5, Ground Floor
67 Wessel Road
South Africa

No 6A, The Courtyard
P/Bag X21, The Village

Villa57, Neighboring 4.District9
Al Shorouk City, Cairo, Egypt

Hydro - comp headquarters location

Hydrological Planning is enabled through additional modules on the Natural Resources and Hydrology core system. The three different modules enable catchment management, Demand analysis and Mass balancing of metered areas as well as simulation of the rainfall-runoff process through an interface to the HEC models.

hydrological planning Screenshot

Hydrological Planning Modules – main features & more information

Hydrological Planning includes the modules listed in the table below.

CodeNameBrief descriptionRead more
EDAMS-Environmental Management Systems (ENV)
EDAMS Hydrological Planning
ENV-ZONRZone Manager (Catchments)Catchment management tool suitable for Water Affairs departments that can assist in managing, monitoring and controlling catchments.EDAMS ENV-Natural Resources & Hydrology 1.0
ENV-HYDAHydrological Demand Analysis/ BalancingComparison of irrigation demand with quotas.
Water balancing for all metered areas. Calculates evaporation and infiltration losses.
ENV-HEC (stand-alone system)Rainfall-runoff simulation (interface to HEC)User interface to HEC-HMS, a hydraulic modelling system developed by the U.S. Army corps of engineers, designed to simulate the rainfall-runoff process of dentritic watershed systems
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