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P.O .Box 27832, Engomi 2433, Cyprus

South Africa
Hydro-Comp Enterprises (SA)(Pty)Ltd
Bentley Office Park
Unit 5, Ground Floor
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No 6A, The Courtyard
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Villa57, Neighboring 4.District9
Al Shorouk City, Cairo, Egypt

Hydro - comp headquarters location

Environmental operations include two main areas, those of procedures for Applications, Permits, Licensing and Inspections and those of taking and analysing measurements.

The EDAMS Operations module is a parametric fully GIS & LIS integrated system that provides Organisations with the flexibility to define and simulate their procedures and their application processing combined with external or internal requests, in such a way to meet their exact needs. The system comes with typical default applications and workflow requests. Applications can be easily created, grouped, deactivated, cloned or modified to meet the exact requirements of the Organisation’s Applications, Permits, Licensing and Inspections procedures.

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The EDAMS Logs manager exists both on the system and on the web (with limited functionality). The Logs manager can assist Environmental Managers to effectively manage, evaluate, and verify any kind of time-series measurements. The Logs Manager module integrates: Assets Information, Telemetry, data loggers or Other Meter Reading Sources and any other metering info. It provides Environmental Manager with a tool to evaluate, correct and/or estimate readings or analyse statistically and provide reliable input to Area Managers for maintenance, or other analysis purposes.

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Environmental Operations Modules – main features & more information

Environmental Operations includes the modules listed in the table below.

CodeNameBrief descriptionRead more
EDAMS-Environmental Management Systems (ENV)
EDAMS Environmental Operations
ENV-OPSOperations [Applications, Permits, Licensing, Inspections]Processing of all applications and other activities related directly or indirectly to
  • applicants / permit holders
  • including licensing
  • Inspections
  • Applications
  • Resource usage
EDAMS ENV-Operations 1.0
ENV-LOGLogs ManagerThe Metering/Logs module forms can assist Environmental Managers to effectively manage, evaluate, and verify any kind of time-series log measurements.
The module integrates:
  • Assets Information
  • Telemetry, data loggers or Other Meter Reading Sources
  • Any other Logs info
  • The module is fully integrated with HEC-DSS by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’
EDAMS ENV-Logs Manager 1.0
ENV-WEBSWeb based Logs Manager (time-series)Portal for the Collection, Management & Reporting of Environmental Time-Series Data.EDAMS ENV-Monitoring Web Portal 1.0
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