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Hydro - comp headquarters location

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) form the backbone of any Utility’s asset management functions and are used in roles that vary from map production and digital terrain modeling to demographic analysis and network asset registers.

All data elements in the EDAMS Management Systems that are geographically located have a graphical component and are accessible to all the systems. These include network elements and connections, plots, and properties as well as zonal elements such as townships, engineering zones, etc.

The EDAMS GIS modules offers the EDAMS user a cost effective and efficient solution by providing links to the most popular GIS systems by ESRI, provides seamless GIS integration for all EDAMS Systems, provide a comprehensive Land Information System and a powerful GIS Reporting Manager.

gis interface

A Land Information System (EDAMS-LIS) module is included that maintains property data in an integrated manner. The sharing of the EDAMS-LIS amongst Departments improves the management and integrity of property information in order to support and improve service delivery in terms of the land management functions (e.g. land use planning and building development management; cadastral data capture and update; property management; valuations; revenue and housing).

EDAMS NAM GIS Screen shot

In addition an EDAMS Web GIS application is available. The EDAMS Web GIS portal is an online version of the EDAMS Network Assets Management software that serves the Assets Database over the internet for viewing, querying and locating information about Network Assets and other GIS data. The user can also use the system for producing map layouts of the network for better understanding of the data and also for communicating the network information with others through the use of labelling, thematic maps and legends.

Note that the basic EDAMS GIS modules are included with all EDAMS systems, the Commercial, Technical and Environmental Systems.

Product Modules

The tables below list the different modules of the EDAMS-GIS modules

EDAMS Geographical Information Systems Modules (GIS)

GIS Interface
A cost effective and efficient solution providing links to GIS systems by ESRI, seamless GIS integration for all EDAMS Systems and basic GIS viewing and editing functionality
Land Information System
GIS-based system to manage and maintain Land parcel information, including town planning data ( land parcel, plot, building, property )

Administer your property assets

GIS Reporting Manager
Viewing / querying / reporting on numerical and GIS data, including thematic mapping, relations, labelling, etc.
Web GIS Portal
An online version of the EDAMS Network Assets Management software

On line viewing, querying and locating information

Allows map production

Allows data communication and sharing through the use of labelling, thematic maps and legends.

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