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Hydro - comp headquarters location

EDAMS Maintenance Management is a comprehensive technical information system that deals with Asset Maintenance of Utility, Municipal and Government assets, including:

  • Utility: Water, Sewer, Electricity
  • Municipal: Water, Sewer, Drainage, Pavements, Electricity, Properties
  • Government: Groundwater (boreholes, aquifers), Meteorology (stations, etc..), Surface water (catchments, rivers, dams, weirs, man-made structures, etc); Forestry (stations),  Wild Life & Fisheries, Veterinarian services (Farms & Establishments), Waste Management & Recycling

The system caters for the unique and specific requirements of maintaining the above assets and addresses the particular maintenance requirements of the different network elements – routine (cleaning…), preventive (service…), reactive (fixing leaks, repairs, replacements…) and proactive (relining, rehabilitation, replacements….). It also deals with routine operational issues such as the allocation of maintenance teams work order scheduling and requisitions. The industry specific nature of the system makes it extremely powerful and requires minimal customisation for implementation.

The system covers all facets of maintenance management, including proactive and preventive maintenance. As custodian of network logs and readings, it monitors information vital for the effective operation and maintenance of the network, as well as engineering planning and design activities.

The system is a task-oriented program that fulfils the needs of the maintenance department. It is a system by which a variety of maintenance activities can be created, processed and scheduled in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Maintenance Activities are processed and scheduled in such a way that they effectively pull together the information stored in the various functions of the system, including Human Resources, Stores and Inventory, and Support Services. This information is used to efficiently schedule activities to complete maintenance requests, whether they originated from internal scheduling programs or external requests.

Maintenance Management System

A particularly useful module of the system is the call centre that can be used to monitor all complaints and enquiries by the organisation’s customers.

Maintenance Management System Call Center Screen shot

Maintenance Management Modules – main features & more information

The table below lists the different modules of the EDAMS Maintenance Management system.

CodeNameBrief descriptionRead more
EDAMS Maintenance Management Systems (MMS)
  • System can be used by all other systems for asset maintenance
  • W=Water supply, S=Sewer Networks, M=Municipal services (water, sewer, drainage, pavements, electricity, properties), R=Water resources (groundwater, surface water, meteorology, G=General assets)
EDAMS Maintenance Management 5.0
Asset Register
  • Uses (Network) Data Management model
  • Allows for user definable elements assigned to hierarchical tree structures
Plant Maintenance-Hierarchical structure
  • The system can relate the data hierarchically with two methods, i.e.:
    1. in a tree structure
    2. in a schematics layout for quick and easy component identification
    Both methods should provide functionality to present the plant equipment based on inheritance and functional dependencies in a tree form
Plant Maintenance-Navigation
  • Allows the use of plans and photos as hot spot areas to identify components and navigate for quick and easy component identification
Maintenance ActivitiesHas industry specific templates and procedures be able to handle all relevant Maintenance Activities such as:
  • Investigations
  • Inspections
  • Operations (logs, meter reading, etc..)
  • Operations Opening/ Closing of Valves
  • Installation of New Connection
  • Reconnection / disconnection
  • Installation of bulk (flow) meters Leak detection
  • Repairs/ Outage management
  • Pipe / other asset replacement
  • Servicing (Routine, Preventive Maintenance)
Maintenance ManagementThe system allows for:
  • Recording and processing of maintenance requests
  • Predefined industry specific maintenance activities
  • Allocation of maintenance resources
  • Scheduling and management of resources (manpower, stores and support services) for work orders
  • Work order management (including job card scheduling & processing)
  • Routine/ Preventive/ Proactive/ Reliability-driven maintenance programs
  • Maintenance decision matrices
  • Monitoring of networks
  • Job costing
  • record keeping of history
  • generation of thematic maps and Maintenance Management reporting
QR bar coding
  • Supports QR (quick response) bar coding for easy identification and coding of components
  • Progress tracking through diagrammatic tool bar
  • Maintenance & Monitoring management reporting including Daily Operations Work Report, & Fault Reports
MMS-CALLCall Centre
  • Receives info
  • Creates maintenance requests
EDAMS Maintenance (Call Centre) 5.0
EDAMS Call Centre (if MMS-CORE not provided)
MMS-TOOL (W/M)Maintenance Data Analysis
  • Export to MS Project
  • Budgeting per activity and comparison with actual
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Failure & Reliability Analysis
  • Audit Trail Reports
MMS-eMMSWeb & Field Maintenance
  • Allows for Field Maintenance to be carried out through the Web (crews receive and complete job cards) with portable computer equipment
  • Allows functionality with regard to Complaints Managements, Job Cards Management and Reporting
EDAMS Maintenance (Web & Field Operations) 5.0
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