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Cyprus (Head Office)
249 Strovolos Avenue
Strovolos 2049, Nicosia, Cyprus
P.O .Box 27832, Engomi 2433, Cyprus

South Africa
Hydro-Comp Enterprises (SA)(Pty)Ltd
Bentley Office Park
Unit 5, Ground Floor
67 Wessel Road
South Africa

No 6A, The Courtyard
P/Bag X21, The Village

Villa57, Neighboring 4.District9
Al Shorouk City, Cairo, Egypt

Hydro - comp headquarters location

Through the use of forecasting scenarios, the Module helps the Service provider predict and avoid the detrimental financial impact caused by reduced demand and spiralling operational costs. Any number of scenarios can be simulated in-order to quantify the effects of alternative tariff structures on future revenues. In addition policies (for example water conservation through a drought period) can be enforced through the use of appropriate tariffs and their effect projected in analysis.

tariff analysis

For more information on the EDAMS Tariff / Revenue Analysis Products please refer to:

EDAMS B&CI-Pricing Pamphlet 5.0

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