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Cyprus (Head Office)
249 Strovolos Avenue
Strovolos 2049, Nicosia, Cyprus
P.O .Box 27832, Engomi 2433, Cyprus

South Africa
Hydro-Comp Enterprises (SA)(Pty)Ltd
Bentley Office Park
Unit 5, Ground Floor
67 Wessel Road
South Africa

No 6A, The Courtyard
P/Bag X21, The Village

Villa57, Neighboring 4.District9
Al Shorouk City, Cairo, Egypt

Hydro - comp headquarters location

The EDAMS- Billing & Customer Information system covers all facets of Commercial management, including on-line enquiries, direct sales, meter readings, walk route management, customer services, debt management, revenue collection, meter and connection management, monthly billing and management reporting in one integrated solution that embodies proven industry best-practices.

By enforcing high levels of data integrity, the system ensures an accurate billing database that will directly impact the bottom line of the services provider. It will:

  • Lead to a reduction in revenues that are lost due to inaccurate statements
  • Improve customer services and satisfaction levels, resulting in improved revenues collected and a reduction in overall arrears
  • Facilitate accurate reporting that will enhance management control and overall productivity
  • Initiate proper meter management programs and data validation activities contributing towards the reduction and control of non-revenue water.

In addition EDAMS billing is able to evaluate the commercial database, highlighting discrepancies that should be investigated and rectified. The system directly contributes towards a more effective commercial function and hence an increase in both amounts invoiced and revenue collected. A tariff analysis module also exists, enabling the user to project revenues under different scenarios as well as enforcing policy.

function matrix

EDAMS Billing & Customer Information – main features & more information

The table below lists the different modules of the EDAMS Billing & Customer Information – Commercial Management system.

CodeNameBrief descriptionRead more
EDAMS Billing & Customer Services Systems (B&CI)
EDAMS Basic Commercial Management Systems
B&CI-CORECommercial Database
  • Meters
  • Connections
  • Customers
  • Tenants
  • Owners
  • Database
EDAMS B&CI-General Pamphlet 5.0
  • Enquiries & complaints
  • Statement imaging
  • Reports
B&CI-CONVData Conversion Utility
  • Mapping
  • conversion and importing of legacy data
B&CI-MREPManagement Reporting
  • Management Reporting on all facets using different tools embedded in the system: Crystal Reports, Thematic Maps, Pies, Queries
  • All configured and parametric with over 200 standard reports
EDAMS B&CI-Management Reporting Pamphlet 5.0
B&CI-eCRMWeb CRM Portal
  • Web-enabled customer services
  • Enquiries
  • Receipting
EDAMS B&CI-Portal Pamphlet 5.0
EDAMS Customer Services Systems
B&CI-CSMApplications (Basic CS)
  • Online capturing and updating of new applications and service changes
  • Processes Applications, Complaints, Notices
  • Traces applications and complaints through all stages of their processing cycle
  • Fully web-enabled and user-customisable
EDAMS B&CI-Customer & Financial Services 5.0
Financial Adjustments
  • Financial transactions, including adjustments to customer balances (Journals, credits, debits)
Connections / Meter Maintenance
  • Creates, issues and monitor customer services and meter maintenance requests arising from meter reading discrepancies or otherwise generated
EDAMS Meter Reading Systems
B&CI-METMeter Reading
  • Meter readings management
  • Walk route management
  • Interfaces directly to Hand Held Meter reading devices
  • Identifies problematic meters and connections
  • Provides discrepancy reports to improve meter reading accuracy and reduce errors
  • Generates requests for maintenance
EDAMS B&CI-Meter Reading Pamphlet 5.0
EDAMS Revenue Management Systems
  • Online enquiries with flexible receipting and reconciliation options
  • Multiple security levels and audit trails to ensure data integrity and prevent fraud
  • batch entries
EDAMS B&CI-Receipting Pamphlet 5.0
B&CI-REVCRevenue Collection / Statement delivery
  • Walk route management for revenue collectors and statement delivery
  • Manages consumption data and generates charges before statement consolidation
  • Automated calculation of estimates and transaction lists with rollback facilities
  • Invoicing, statement production
EDAMS B&CI-Billing Pamphlet 5.0
B&CI-DEBTDebt Management
  • Flexible control of outstanding debt and payment agreements
EDAMS B&CI-Debt Management Pamphlet 5.0
EDAMS Commercial Planning Systems
B&CI-TARTariff Analysis
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Projection of consumption & revenues
  • Elasticity analysis
  • Used for revenue scenario planning and enforcing policy
EDAMS B&CI-Pricing Pamphlet 5.0
B&CI-CDECommercial Data Evaluation
  • Conversion and evaluation of commercial data
  • Identifying problematic meter readings, meters and connections
EDAMS B&CI-Commercial Data Evaluation Pamphlet 5.1
B&CI-CDVCommercial Data Validation
  • Matches field survey with billing database and updates billing database
  • Supports field-validation surveys
  • Requires additional customisation if EDAMS-Billing is not used
EDAMS B&CI-Commercial Data Validation (CDV) Pamphlet 3.0
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