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The Financial Asset Valuation module forms the main tool in formulating the rehabilitation plan. Its main uses are:

  • Minimize the costs of asset ownership –asset ownership accounts for the bulk of all costs. Any significant reduction in such costs means major savings.
  • Maintaining required service levels – even though asset management reduces costs, it also improves reliability by emphasising detailed attention to assets, and by monitoring the condition of assets and their maintenance costs, resources can be better allocated to where they’re needed.
  • Sustaining the infrastructure. By monitoring each element’s individual deterioration curve, the system also provides risk-of-failure analysis; and by determining the total ownership costs over the life of the asset, the system can help optimize network life-cycle costs giving the necessary input required towards formulating a sound asset management programme for both short-term (maintenance) and long-term (refurbishment and replacement) horizon.
  • Financial reporting: Utilities/ Municipalities are often obliged to prepare asset registers in accordance with the relevant standards in support of the Statement of Financial Position. One of the key requirements of the accounting standard for Property, Plant and Equipment is that the register must have complete coverage of all the facilities that are under the control of the municipality, and data must be reflected at component level. Besides maintaining an accurate register of network elements and their physical and performance attributes, the system also enables financial values to be assigned to elements so depreciation of network assets can be analysed.

element valuation screenshot


thematic map screenshot

Fixed Assets Management diagram

Fixed Asset Management Modules – main features & more information

The table below lists the different modules of the EDAMS Fixed Asset Management (FAM) system.

CodeNameBrief descriptionRead more
EDAMS Fixed Asset Management (FAM)
FAM-CCTVSewer Visual Inspection (CCTV)
  • Assists in the extraction of condition data information from archived sewer inspection data and particularly CCTV files
  • Supports the evaluation of the CCTV recordings by assisting the user to define defect features and relate scores and ratings according to a pre-defined condition rating scheme
EDAMS Rehabilitation (Sewer Visual Inspections (CCTV)) 2.5
FAM-FINAFinancial Asset Valuation
  • Condition Assessment
  • Calculates effective life
  • other indicators for asset condition based on various inputs (field survey, maintenance records, age, material, soil conditions, etc.)
Financial analysis of network assets
  • including multiple costs
  • Removal & purchasing costs
  • Multiple depreciation factors
  • Market and residual values
EDAMS Fixed Asset Valuation 5.0
FAM-PMSPavement Management System (PMS)
  • Event Management for monitoring and recording of data and events; Event types include: Status, Location, Road Profile data , Pavement Design & Materials data, Limits data, Design Characteristics data, Multimedia data, Traffic Flow data, Toll Road point events, Accidents point events and Condition Assessment data
  • Assists in the assessment of the condition of roads/ pavements.
  • Guidelines are incorporated as libraries for all types of pavements including jointed concrete pavements, continuously reinforced concrete pavements, flexible and unsealed pavements
  • Assessment procedures and requirements for road segment information data are incorporated
  • Detailed inspection distress data can be stored and used in conjunction with the rehabilitation planning module
EDAMS Asset Management (Transportation) 5.0
FAM-REHTechnical Rehabilitation Management
  • Facilitates the process of assessing rehabilitation alternatives to enable the utility manager to prioritize rehabilitation and replacement of assets
  • Module combines information from the asset management, GIS and modelling to build a system rehabilitation plan prioritized by system risk
EDAMS Rehabilitation Management (Technical) 1.0
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