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Hydro - comp headquarters location

The EDAMS Distribution Management system in conjunction with the EDAMS monitoring and control system provides an integrated environment for the planning, implementation and monitoring of conservation and infrastructure programs. The system acts as a bridge across the great divide that separates a Utility’s commercial and technical functions. It facilitates the merger of commercial and network data with design standards and town planning data, and provides the demand models forming the basis of interactive and dynamic conservation and master planning.

Modules include:

  • a Zoning Manager for modelling, managing, monitoring and controlling their zones
  • a Metering/Logs Manager for filtering and processing of raw readings as well as analysing and corrects bulk meter readings and reducing them to flows
  • a Commercial Data Evaluation module that calculates demand (both metered and unmetered) from registered connections
  • a Demand Balancing/ Leakage Analysis  module that evaluates leakage per zone based on night-flow analysis and balances supply with demand per zone.

distribution Non Revenue Water management flow chart

Product Modules – main features & more information

The table below lists the different modules of the EDAMS Distribution / Non Revenue Water Management Systems (DMS).

CodeNameBrief descriptionRead more
EDAMS Distribution/NRW Management Systems (DMS)
DMS-ZONWZone Manager (Water/ Sewer)The Zoning Manager is a tool that as part of an effective Asset Management program can assist the Utility in
    • modelling
    • managing
    • monitoring
    • controlling
    • their zones

Includes automated zoning
    • pressures
    • mass balancing
    • component zoning
    • hydraulic zoning
    • catchments
  • Schematics modeller and automated routing
EDAMS Demand-NRW Management (Zone Manager) 2.6
DMS-ZONMZone Manager (All municipal services)Zoning tool that as part of an effective Asset Management program can assist the Municipality Departments in
  • managing
  • monitoring
  • controlling
  • their zones
EDAMS Demand-NRW Management (Zone Manager) 2.6
DMS-BALDemand Balancing/ Leakage Analysis
  • Uses demands from CDE analysis and supply from Metering manager
  • Demand balancing for all metered areas
  • Leakage analysis using night flow analysis
  • Uses Telemetry flow corrected results and compares with projected real time consumption
  • Leak location is done using hydraulic analysis-calibration module and pressure readings in the network, followed by site inspection and leakage detection
EDAMS Demand Balancing-Leakage analysis 2.5
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