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Hydro - comp headquarters location

The EDAMS Assets Management and Infrastructure Planning system supports the full set of services in the Municipal infrastructure domain such as electricity, buildings & structures, pavement management, storm water, waste disposal, sewer management, and water supply management.

The specialised Windows-based asset registers use dedicated network data structures and element libraries that have been specifically designed and developed for Municipal Authorities. For example, for Electricity Departments it includes pre-defined element libraries to make provision for all the standard network elements, including transformers, protection devices, Generators and road devices, and allows the capture of all necessary attribute information. It can even assign efficiency and deterioration curve performance characteristics to individual elements.

The table below indicates built-in functionality for the different Utility/ Municipal Services

EDAMS Technical
Management Systems
Municipal Services
Potable Water Waste Water Storm- water Roads/ Pavement Electricity Distribution Solid Waste Properties & Structures
Data ManagementLand Information System (LIS)
Asset Register (database)
Data Capture/ Maintenance
Data Evaluation
Reporting Manager
Projects Register
Maintenance ManagementMaintenance Management
Call Centre
Maintenance Data Analysis
Web Work Order Management
MonitoringQuality Monitoring
Metering/Logs Manager
Asset ManagementAsset Inspection√ CCTV√ CCTV√ PMS
Asset Valuation
Rehabilitation Planning
Distribution ManagementZoning Manager
Commercial Data Evaluation
Audit/Balancing Manager*
PlanningDemand/Loads Analysis
Engineering Analysis√ WATER√ SEWER√ SEWER3 rd Party3 rd Party

The Basic EDAMS-Asset Management & Infrastructure Planning Systems supports a wide range of functions, which include:

  • Efficient and systematic collection, storage, retrieval, management, analysis, and reporting of asset information.
  • Integration and management of the asset life cycle by integrating different work processes and their associated datasets.
  • Sharing of data across Municipal Departments,
  • Increased operational efficiency by aiding in the planning, execution, and coordination of maintenance operations,
  • And tracking and managing the information related to projects, work.

Municipality EDAMS NAM screenshot

Additional modules on the basic Asset register and basic data management enable activities for effective:

  • Fixed Asset Management: A Financial Asset Valuation module for assessing asset life, assessing removal & purchasing costs and market and residual values.
  • Monitoring & Control: Various modules are included for monitoring and control.They include:
    1. Metering/Logs Manager for filtering and processing of raw readings as well as analysing and corrects bulk meter readings and reducing them to flows,
    2. a Web – Operations Data application for capturing/ updating element attributes, bulk meter readings and Element logs through the web,
    3. a Sewer Visual Inspection (CCTV) module for extraction and evaluation of condition data information from archived sewer inspection data and CCTV recordings,
    4. a Pavement Management System (PMS) module for assessment of the condition of roads/ pavements
    5. as well as generic functions for condition assessment of assets
  • Distribution/NRW Management: Modules include a Zoning Manager for modelling, managing, monitoring and controlling their zones and a Demand Balancing/ Leakage Analysis module that evaluates leakage per zone based on night-flow analysis and balances supply with demand per zone. The module also performs live zone leakage detection when linked to telemetry and can be further used for emergency management through automation.
  • Water Quality Monitoring: The environmental Integrated Quality Monitoring System (IQMS) can be used to monitor water/ effluent quality by the Utility/ Municipality. The module includes a Library with Regulations Governing the Quality of Drinking Water/ Air and Ground allows for user definable Standard Analyses, keeps Sampling Point records has analysis of historical records and provides a link to laboratory systems & records.
  • Rehabilitation Planning: Modules exist for both Commercial and Technical Assets. The Commercial data evaluation module evaluates billing data and highlights data problems as well as identifies problematic meters/ connections for rehabilitation. The Technical module assesses rehabilitation alternatives to build a system rehabilitation plan prioritized by system risk within given budgetary constraints.
  • EDAMS Network Planning (Water & Sewer): Modules exist for comprehensive demand analysis that includes
    1. Land Usage analysis for identification of illegal/ unregistered connections and future developments within supply areas,
    2. Demand generation,
    3. a detailed NRW audit that includes Wastage & internal leakage as well as illegal/ unregistered connections and
    4. Demand forecasting and design demand generation. Modules also include system component evaluation for evaluating capacity requirements of main transmission components as well as hydraulic analysis of water and sewer networks.

Product Modules – main features & more information

The table below lists the different modules of the EDAMS Asset Management & Infrastructure Planning system.

CodeNameBrief descriptionRead more
EDAMS-Asset Management & Infrastructure Planning Systems (NAM)
Data Management
NAM-COR#All Asset registers include
  • bill of quantities
  • user definable logs & PI
  • link to GIS
  • DTM
  • data conversion
  • capturing
  • structuring
  • evaluation & analysis
  • data viewer
  • data explorer
  • numerical and graphical reporting
NAM-CORWNetwork Data Management (Water)
  • Asset register for Water Boards
EDAMS Asset Management (Water) 5.0
NAM-CORSNetwork Data Management (Sewer)
  • Asset register for Sewer Boards and Drainage system management
EDAMS Asset Management (Sewer & Drainage) 5.0
NAM-CORENetwork Data Management (Electricity)
  • Asset register for Electricity Boards
EDAMS Asset Management (Electricity) 5.0
NAM-CORMData Management (Municipal)Asset register for Municipalities
  • water
  • sewer
  • drainage
  • pavements
  • electricity
  • properties
EDAMS Asset Management (All Services) 6.0
EDAMS Asset Management (Transportation) 5.0
NAM-CORGCore product (general)
  • Generic Asset register for all applications
NAM-NDCNetwork Data Capture/ Update Utility
  • A stand alone module that can be used to create/ update networks
  • can be used in field surveys
  • can import and export files from the Network Data Management systems
NAM-PROProjects Register (project tracking)
  • The module provides the tools for the registering and reporting of both proposed and completed projects for the effective managing of rehabilitation and expansion projects
EDAMS Network Planning (Projects Register) 2.5
Fixed Asset Management
NAM-FINAFinancial Asset Valuation
  • Condition Assessment
  • Calculates effective life
  • other indicators for asset condition based on various inputs (field survey, maintenance records, age, material, soil conditions, etc.)
Financial analysis of network assets
  • including multiple costs
  • Removal & purchasing costs
  • Multiple depreciation factors
  • Market and residual values
EDAMS Fixed Asset Valuation 5.0
Operations - Monitoring & Control
NAM-MRLMetering/Logs Manager
  • Interface to telemetry database
  • Filtering and processing of raw readings and storing in Assets database
  • Analyses and corrects bulk meter readings, reduces into flows
  • Evaluates supply flows to zones
  • Analyses flows and pressure readings and generates corrected continuous records
  • Generates peak factors and demand distributions with time for setting consumption standards
EDAMS Demand-NRW Management (Metering-Logs Manager) 2.5
NAM-OPSWeb - Operations Data application
  • Interface to Data Management system through the web
  • Can capture/ update element attributes, bulk meter readings, Element logs
NAM-INSSSewer Visual Inspection (CCTV)
  • Assists in the extraction of condition data information from archived sewer inspection data and particularly CCTV files
  • Supports the evaluation of the CCTV recordings by assisting the user to define defect features and relate scores and ratings according to a pre-defined condition rating scheme
EDAMS Rehabilitation (Sewer Visual Inspections (CCTV)) 2.5
NAM-PMSPavement Management System (PMS)
  • Assists in the assessment of the condition of roads/ pavements.
  • Guidelines are incorporated as libraries for all types of pavements including jointed concrete pavements, continuously reinforced concrete pavements, flexible and unsealed pavements
  • Assessment procedures and requirements for road segment information data are incorporated
  • Detailed inspection distress data can be stored and used in conjunction with the rehabilitation planning module
EDAMS Asset Management (Transportation) 5.0
Operations - Distribution/NRW Management
NAM-ZONWZone Manager (Water/ Sewer)The Zoning Manager is a tool that as part of an effective Asset Management program can assist the Utility in
    • modelling
    • managing
    • monitoring
    • controlling
    • their zones

Includes automated zoning
    • pressures
    • mass balancing
    • component zoning
    • hydraulic zoning
    • catchments
  • Schematics modeller and automated routing
EDAMS Demand-NRW Management (Zone Manager) 2.6
NAM-ZONMZone Manager (All municipal services)Zoning tool that as part of an effective Asset Management program can assist the Municipality Departments in
  • managing
  • monitoring
  • controlling
  • their zones
EDAMS Demand-NRW Management (Zone Manager) 2.6
NAM-BALADemand Balancing/ Leakage Analysis
  • Uses demands from CDE analysis and supply from Metering manager
  • Demand balancing for all metered areas
  • Leakage analysis using night flow analysis
  • Uses Telemetry flow corrected results and compares with projected real time consumption
  • Leak location is done using hydraulic analysis-calibration module and pressure readings in the network, followed by site inspection and leakage detection
EDAMS Demand Balancing-Leakage analysis 2.5
Operations - Water Quality Monitoring
ENV-IQMSIntegrated Quality Monitoring System (IQMS)
  • Library with Regulations Governing the Quality of Drinking Water/ Air and Ground
  • User definable Standard Analyses
  • Sampling Point records
  • Analysis of Historical Records
  • provides a link to laboratory systems & records
  • Module is also integrated with the EDAMS-Infrastructure Planning and Asset Management System (NAM)
Quality Management Information
System (IQMIS)
Planning - Rehabilitation
B&CI-CDECommercial Data Evaluation
  • Conversion of Billing data
  • Correction of abnormal meter readings
Produce lists of
  • Consumer problems (consumer type, no location)
  • Meter problems (unmetered, stuck, slow, wrong size, old)
  • Meter reading problems
  • Calculate demand per connection (metered demand plus metering inaccuracies)
  • Calculate average demand per consumption category
EDAMS B&CI-Commercial Data Evaluation Pamphlet 5.1
NAM-TREHTechnical Rehabilitation Management
  • Facilitates the process of assessing rehabilitation alternatives to enable the utility manager to prioritize rehabilitation and replacement of assets
  • Module combines information from the asset management, GIS and modelling to build a system rehabilitation plan prioritized by system risk
EDAMS Rehabilitation Management (Technical) 1.0
Planning - Water & Sewer Networks
NAM-DEMAData Merge & Standards definitionCadastral & Billing data reconciliation
  • Demand Categories & Category Relationships
  • Demand Standards definition
  • Land density Standard Definition
EDAMS Demand Analysis - Managenent. (incl Audit) 1.0
Land usage analysisPlot classification into
  • Developed (Authorised)
  • Developed (Unauthorised-known)
  • Undeveloped (Future development)
  • Empty Plot
Demand Analysis
  • Splits demand (found from CDE analysis) into Metered Consumption plus un-metered consumption plus Internal Wastage and Leakage
  • Done for all types of properties and plots [Developed and undeveloped, Authorised and unauthorised]
NRW Audit (Demand Audit)
  • Calculates total leakage by subtracting apparent losses from demand
  • Gives for all metered areas a breakdown of non-revenue water in terms of volumes and revenues and costs for the Utility
  • Uses both standard IWA classification as well as extended IWA classification to allow for non-payment as well as wastage and internal leakage
  • Gives for all metered areas Key Performance Indicators including leakage index
System Component Analysis
  • Forecasts demand and groups demand in demand areas corresponding to major network components
  • Evaluates capacity requirements of major system components (pumps, reservoirs, bulk meters, etc..)
  • Plots capacity versus size requirements with time
  • In effect the module represents a live master plan for all major system components
Commercial Rehabilitation Lists
  • Lists of problems dealing with meters, connections, customers addressing both authorised and unauthorised consumption
  • Both graphical and numerical representation
  • Lists can be managed effectively by the Commercial Rehabilitation Management module
Design Demands (Water)
  • Design demand = constant demand + variable demand * peak factor, where: Constant demand = Wastage & Int. leakage + Network Leakage and Variable demand = Consumption
  • Assigns constant and variable demands to pipes and subsequently to nodes
Design Loads (Sewer)
  • Converts Wastage & Internal leakage to constant load and Consumption to variable load
  • Allows for additional factors such as infiltration, etc..
  • Assigns constant and variable demands to pipes and subsequently to manholes
NAM-WAT (stand-alone system)Water Network Analysis
  • Hydraulic analysis of complex networks
  • Integration with EDAMS Assets
  • Extended simulation for optimising operating rules
  • Cost optimisation for the design of networks
  • Trace movement of water constituents, Analyse influence of water quality variables at any network source
EDAMS Network Planning (Water Network Analysis) 1.5
NAM-SEW (stand-alone system)Sewer Network Analysis
  • Single user, unlimited number of pipes
  • Analysis of existing sewer network
  • Integration with EDAMS Network Asset Management, longitudinal profiles
EDAMS Network Planning (Sewer Network Analysis) 1.4
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